Go-go girls ascendant as Tyler fades away

To run this totally inconsequential site, is to have a small keyhole through which to peer at the pulsing global consciousness:  The traffic reports reveal what people all over the world are searching for.  

And what does this record reveal?  

That erotic massage in Kathmandu (Thamel, specifically) is now the single most searched topic on this site.

Looking for love tawdry, paid-for sex in all the wrong places...
And the thing is, that I'm sure that these worldwide seekers of pleasure are pretty disappointed when they click through... because the post in question alludes to tawdry, paid-for sex, but does not describe any such activity, because there were no such activities to describe on the night in question. 

Go-go dancers, alas not of Nepal, but of New York City
Time marches on and memories fade.
And how has traffic to this site evolved?  Back in 2007 I inadvertently Google-bombed cyclist Tyler Hamilton's then-wife (the topic of the post was doping) and this post was the single most trafficked page on this site through the spring of 2011.

In May, however, Hamilton confessed on 60 Minutes and ignominiously retired, and ever since, search traffic to this post has tapered off.  Two trends remain, however:
  1. If it's not the topic of drugs, it's the topic of sex, that drives traffic to this site.  The post "Drugs and sex remain popular" is already written.
  2. No one really cares about where I ride my bike or the other more recent triviality that shows up here.     

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