Out and back

I have not been very active on this blog lately. "Moonlight in Vermont or Starve" is a bumper sticker here and I have managed to juggle a string of roles, some professional and challenging, others more mundane (landscaping), in an attempt to keep the repo man at bay.

Also some of my roles involve blogging and after coming up with coherent, well-argued, typo-free blog posts on varied topics in the workplace the last thing I want to do is come home and blog some more.

It has, however, been a warm and clement November which has meant that my Sunday routine has involved watching a  cyclocross race (usually a Superprestige or World Cup) from Europe online and then going for a ride on my road bike.

After several years away from the road bike it is strange and somewhat awkward to spend hours in the saddle again.  I find that both leg speed (ie, cadence) and overall speed is lacking on the bike but there's no doubt that the longer road climbs in the area offer a chance to gain strength and fitness that will carry over to nordic skiing and next year's riding season.
The usual lumpy Vermont ride profile.

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