Poach my ride

Vermont slickrock: No mud here.
I snuck in a quick ride on a certain local trail network on Saturday.  The trails are on state land and are officially closed.

The rationale for the trail closures is two fold:
  1. Spring in Vermont is traditionally a wet time of year with lots of mud.
  2. Deer shelter at low elevations to avoid snowpack higher up on ridgelines, and activity in the woods would disturb the animals. 
Without writing hundreds of words on the absurdity of these two justifications, I will just say that it was an almost snowless winter and it has been a very dry -- as in drought conditions -- spring. Right now is quite possibly the driest the woods will be all year.   As for the deer in the snow, the mild winter made it relatively easy for the deer herd, and there is no snow to be had except pockets on shaded, north facing slopes at the very highest elevations.

Oh well maybe an hour spent riding on closed trails makes me a bad person -- through tire tracks on the dusty trails suggested that I was not the first person to pass through on a bike.