Looping and recursive

Walking in the spring woods, I came upon this:

What is it?  See here

Which made me think of this figure, the narrative line, illustrated -- because words on a page form a very imperfect reflection of reality --  from Tristram Shandy:

-- a somewhat appropriate allusion to the looping and digressive nature of this blog, except that it is still too linear, and implies forward motion and progress, something that seems mostly lacking in my penurious, precarious and middle-aged life.  

These thoughts in turn hurled me back in space and time and reminded me of my days in college where I obstinately followed a course of study distinguished mostly by its deliberate obscurity and utter lack of utility in the workplace.   Although it could argued that reading lots of Boswell -- who I see as a kind of ur-blogger, a prototype of today's self-made, self-promoting social media celebrity -- is good preparation for living in the 21st century. 

But the closer and more immediate triggers for these thoughts and considerations was the fact that my 25th college reunion draws near and I'm not at all sure I want to go.  I'll see if I summon up the nerve to return to the scene many awkward encounters and discomfiting situations.  

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