Middle age dual suspension 29 inch crazy

Salsa Spearfish, ordered as a complete bike.  
Some people hit middle age and buy a flashy sports car in an attempt to recapture their lost youth.  Myself -- not being much into cars -- I went out and bought a new bike.

I had spent a lot of time thrashing around the local trail networks on my old Redline and had learned to compensate for the bike's brutal simplicity -- not a lot of gears, and no suspension. But as I got older my tolerance for the beating meted out by the rigid frame grew less and I began to wish for a plusher ride to better insulate my arms, legs and back from the rooty, rocky New England trails.

The decision to purchase a new bike, my tenuous employment situation and shaky finances notwithstanding, may have been made last autumn on a long ride put on by the Stowe Mountain Bike Club.  Almost four hours of off road riding with lots of climbing and then lots of descending  -- the route went high up into Sterling Valley -- left me with sore shoulders and an unpleasant tingling sensation in my arms.

So my new bike has arrived and it is the first time I've ridden such a complex machine with three separate suspension elements to adjust and hydraulic brakes to learn about and maintain.

So far my initial impressions are favorable even though it does appear that in 2.5 trips up Perry Hill I have already managed to remove some metal from the front chain ring.  And there's always a learning process to discover how a new bike's geometry works and where the tires break lose, etc.

On a semi-related subject, I have been involved in trying to promote the upcoming Vermont Mountain Bike Festival.  It's always a challenge to pull something like this off with an all-volunteer crew.  I had some email offers from Facebook and Microsoft Advertising for free ppc advertising so I set up a couple of campaigns to try and drive some interest in the event.

Metrics of a two-wheeled adman.  And, yes, the numbers are poor.
Sorry Microsoft, this is why Google is number 1 in these services... with a bullet.

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